We have just completed another project working alongside one of our regular building firm associates.

We were tasked with a large new build in Appleton which consisted of many different facets to the roof, including dormers and many hip and valley intersections.

We used reclaimed Welsh slate, used lead for the Dorma cheeks, and finished with lead mopsticks to prevent issues as a result of expansion and contraction. We also added GRP flat roofs (fibreglass) which are strong, waterproof, maintenance-free, energy efficient, affordable and guaranteed. The whole project was finished to our usual immaculate standard and on time.

Lead Dorma cheeks – this refers to the area on the side of the Dorma window
Lead mopsticks – these are lead wrapped poles which are a good way to join lead together. They reduce expansion and contraction issues and can be used to create up-stands and troughs. They can also create a decorative interest and are useful to provide fixing points.
Lead hips and ridge – these are the names given to the finishing touches to the angles where two pitched roofs intersect. Zinc or Aluminium ridges can often be used but the lead ridges will last longer.
GRP flat roof – This is otherwise known as a fibreglass flat roof – if laid correctly will last for at least 30 years.

New roof for new build in Appleton