We often get projects that require the replacement of a simple slate roof – bread and butter jobs, as we like to call them.

Or perhaps more accurately batons and slates jobs!

Like many turn of the century houses, the roof eventually needs to be replaced, due to constant leaking, broken tiles and a less appealing look to the house.

This can also often come about during the sale process, where lender’s surveys show up issues with the roof that need to be addressed as part of the mortgage process, sometimes with retentions being put in place.

This job was reasonably straighforward; we stripped the roof, replaced all the damaged infrastructure, removed and replaced flashings to ensure no future leaks and re-slated throughout.

The house will now be completely protected and provide the householders with peace of mind, that, whatever the great British weather can throw at them, they will be safe and dry in the years to come.

If your roof is coming to the end of it’s useful life, or a survey has identified problems, why not contact us today for advice and a no obligation, competitive quote.

Re-slating roof on terrace